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To find others researching your Family Names start with the County Links in the lists to the far left of every page. The county pages provide alphabetical lists of all the Surnames listed for each County and a full gazetteer of all the place names in that county
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This is a golden age for genealogy and there's never been a better time to start tracing your family history. The internet has made millions of records available to search from home, providing access to family historians around the world.
The links listed below are a selection of pages aimed at beginners with lots of help and advice on how to get strted with your Family History
ancestry.co.uk have a number of free pages filled with useful tips and advice on getting started
GENUKI Have a number of pages of information suitable for beginners to Family History and genealogy
Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History
Newbies' Guide to Genealogy & Family History by Roy Stockdill
Find My Past Help & Advice Find My Past have an excellent set of advice pages on getting started.

Findmypast.co.uk is UK's leading family history and genealogy website and has been awarded the Queen's Award for innovation in 2007. They pride themselves in having one of the biggest sets of UK family records, including the complete census records from 1841

Find My Past Ireland has a growing collection of Irish records including local census, and census substitutes, land valuations, memorial records
234x60: I�m, your Nan
Start Looking
Ancestry.com (suitable for subscribers not based in United Kingdom)
GENUKI GENUKI provides a comprehensive virtual reference library of genealogical information of particular relevance to the UK and Ireland. It is a non-commercial service, maintained by a charitable trust and a group of volunteers.

Most Recent Entry Additions on UK Surnames
Cambridgeshire Histon Leech 1700-1800s
Buckinghamshire Great Kimble Leach 1800s
Surrey Carshalton Harrow All
Buckinghamshire Monks Risborough Gill 1800s
Yorkshire Hutton Buscel -Selby-Wistow STORR 1550- present
Yorkshire Hilston and Owstwick STORR 1535 - 1857
Northumberland Humshaugh CHARLTON Born 1884
Lancashire Colton REDHEAD 16-19C
Lancashire Blawith REDHEAD 16-19C
Middlesex Not Known Waterman Any
London Not Known Waterman Any
Westmorland Kendal MEDCALF 1750
Lancashire Liverpool KIRBY 1830-
Hampshire Eling MEACHER 1800-
Leicestershire Walton BULL 1800-1810
Wiltshire Sherston EVANS 1750
Wiltshire unknown SADLER 1780
Wiltshire Broad Hinton SPICER 1750
Wiltshire Clyffe Pypard SPACKMAN 1740
Wiltshire Broad Hinton WOOLMAN 1700
Wiltshire Broad Hinton HUNT 1700
Buckinghamshire Waddesdon GRACE 1750
Leicestershire Humberstone WILDMAN 1700
Leicestershire Thurcaston TOMPKINS 1700
Buckinghamshire Quainton KING 1720