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All Entries From Rita How

Rita How has a Total of 54 Entries.

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BANKSLondonAll 1700-1800Rita How  
BARNESHertfordshireKings LangleyAllRita How  
BARNESHertfordshireWatfordAllRita How  
BARTONLondonAll 1800-2000Rita How  
BIDDISSLondonAll 1800-1900Rita How  
BIGNALLHertfordshireWatfordAllRita How  
BIGNALLHertfordshireBusheyAllRita How  
BLAGDENDerbyshireCalverAllRita How  
BLAGDENDerbyshireStoney MiddletonAllRita How  
BOWDENLondonAll 1800-1900Rita How  
BROOMHEADDerbyshireCalverAllRita How  
BROOMHEADDerbyshireBaslowAllRita How  
CANLINDerbyshireBrampton1700-1900Rita How  
CANLINDerbyshireCalver1700-1900Rita How  
COXMiddlesexShoreditch1860-1960Rita How  
CROWLEYCounty CorkAllAllRita How  
EVANSLondonAll 1800 - 1900Rita How  
FARRANTSussexAll1600-1800Rita How  
FOORDSussexBrighton1800-1900Rita How  
FOORDSussexIsfield1800-1900Rita How  
GANNONMiddlesexShoreditch1850-1980Rita How  
GANNONCounty RoscommonRoscommon1800-1900Rita How  
GODDARDDerbyshireBrampton1700-1900Rita How  
GODDARDDerbyshireCalver1700-1900Rita How  
GRATTONDerbyshireNot Known1700-1800Rita How  
GRATTONDerbyshireDronfield1700-1800Rita How  
GREGORYDerbyshireAshford In The Water1700-1900Rita How  
GREGORYDerbyshireCalver1700-1900Rita How  
GREGORYDerbyshireBrampton1700-1900Rita How  
GREGORYDerbyshireBakewell1700-1900Rita How  
GROVESLondonAll 1800-1900Rita How  
HEGARTYCounty CorkCork1800-2000Rita How  
HEGARTYCounty CorkCork1700 - 1900Rita How  
HOWHertfordshireAbbots Langley1700-2007Rita How  
HOWHertfordshireWatford1700-2007Rita How  
HOWHertfordshireBushey1700-2007Rita How  
KNOWLESHertfordshireBusheyAllRita How  
KNOWLESHertfordshireWatfordAllRita How  
LAWRENCEMiddlesexStepney1800-1900Rita How  
LAWRENCEMiddlesexHackney1800-1900Rita How  
MAYNARDLondonAll 1800 - 1900Rita How  
MEGGSMiddlesexShoreditch1750-1850Rita How  
MURRAYCounty CorkAllAllRita How  
RIDLERLondonAll 1750 - 1900Rita How  
ROBERTSGlamorganAll1900 onwardsRita How  
ROWLANDDerbyshireCalver1700 -1900Rita How  
ROWLANDDerbyshireEyam1700 -1900Rita How  
SCANNELLCounty CorkCork1800-2000Rita How  
SCANNELLCounty CorkCork1700 - 1900Rita How  
SHAWSussexAll1700-1900Rita How  
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