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All Entries From Angie

Angie has a Total of 41 Entries.

There are a total of 41 records (Use the page navigation links below to move through them all).

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ASHBYEssexStratford1833 to NowAngie  
ASHBYSurreySutton1859 to 1879Angie  
ASHBYSurreyStreatham1859 to 1879Angie  
ASHBYSurreyMitcham1859 to 1879Angie  
ASHBYSurreyLambeth1859 to 1879Angie  
ASHBYSurreyCroydon1859 to 1879Angie  
ASHBYHampshireTangley1902? to 1956Angie  
ASHBYHampshireFarnborough1902? to 1956Angie  
AVERYSurreyNewington1823 to 1921Angie  
BEECHINGSurreyLambeth1814 to NowAngie  
BEECHINGSurreyHook1814 to NowAngie  
BEECHINGMiddlesexStoke Newington1862 to 1899Angie  
BEECHINGMiddlesexFinchley1862 to 1899Angie  
BEECHINGMiddlesexEdmonton1862 to 1899Angie  
CHAPMANBuckinghamshireAmersham1841 to NowAngie  
CHAPMANBuckinghamshireEton1841 to NowAngie  
CHAPMANBuckinghamshireFulmer1841 to NowAngie  
COOPERMiddlesexHammersmith1880 to 1939Angie  
COOPERBuckinghamshireUpton Cum Chalvey1825 to 1939Angie  
COOPERBuckinghamshireStoke Poges1825 to 1939Angie  
COOPERBuckinghamshireSlough1825 to 1939Angie  
CULLENKentTeynham1836 to 1858Angie  
FRENCHMiddlesexHammersmith1829 to 1850Angie  
GREENHampshireVernham Dean1806 to 1956Angie  
GREENHampshireTangley1806 to 1956Angie  
HAINESBerkshireHungerford1862 to 1893Angie  
HAINESBerkshireNewbury1862 to 1893Angie  
NORRISSurreyWalworth1831 to 1883Angie  
NORRISSurreyLambeth1831 to 1883Angie  
NORRISSurreyBermondsey1831 to 1883Angie  
WARBOYSMiddlesexStepney1789 to NowAngie  
WILLOUGHBYBuckinghamshireAmersham1849 to 1915Angie  
WILLOUGHBYBuckinghamshireChalfont St. Peter1849 to 1915Angie  
WILLOUGHBYBuckinghamshireSeer Green1849 to 1915Angie  
WISEHampshireVernham Dean1829 to 1874Angie  
WORBOYSMiddlesexHammersmith1789 to NowAngie  
WORBOYSMiddlesexStepney1789 to NowAngie