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P. S. has a Total of 73 Entries.

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ABBOTTDorsetHalstockabt 1787 onwardsP. S.  
ABBOTTSomersetBeckington1885-onwardsP. S.  
ABELWiltshireSalisburyabt 1801 onwardsP. S.  
AYERSSomersetStanderwickabt 1790 onwardsP. S.  
BROOMENorfolkNorwichabt 1735 onwardsP. S.  
BROOMENorfolkNorwichabt 1735 onwardsP. S.  
BUNDEEWiltshireIdmistonabt 1650 onwardsP. S.  
BUXTONNorfolkLong Strattonabt 1701 onwardsP. S.  
CAVESomersetMilborne Portabt 1560 onwardsP. S.  
CAVEHampshirePortsea1766 onwardsP. S.  
CAVEDorsetFolkeabt 1728P. S.  
CHAMBERSStaffordshireWolverhamptonabt 1711 onwardsP. S.  
COCKNorfolkLong Strattonabt 1697 onwardsP. S.  
COCKSSomersetBrutonabt 1700 onwardsP. S.  
COLDHAMNorfolkNorwichabt 1740 onwardsP. S.  
COOMBSWiltshireIdmistonabt 1755 onwardsP. S.  
CRANENorfolkNorwichabt 1760 onwardsP. S.  
DAVIDGEDorsetNorth Woottonabt 1680 onwardsP. S.  
DENCHEWiltshireIdmistonabt 1635 onwardsP. S.  
EDWARDSShropshireWemabt 1770 onwardsP. S.  
EUDEYCornwallIlloganabt 1830P. S.  
EUDEYCornwallRedruthabt 1830P. S.  
EVANSMiddlesexLondonabt 1796P. S.  
EYERSSomersetStanderwickabt 1790 onwardsP. S.  
FELTONEssexBorleyabt 1812 onwardsP. S.  
FIELDERWiltshireNewton Tonyabt 1660 onwardsP. S.  
FORDERWiltshireSalisburyabt 1800 onwardsP. S.  
FUSSELLSomersetNorton St. Philipabt 1812 onwardsP. S.  
GILBERTWiltshireMiddle Woodfordabt 1816P. S.  
GIRLEWiltshireNewton Tonyabt 1590 onwardsP. S.  
GOSHENSomersetBrutonabt 1615 onwardsP. S.  
GRACEHampshireQuarleyabt 1661P. S.  
GREENLANDSomersetRodeabt 1710 onwardsP. S.  
GRIFFENSomersetBrutonabt 1650 onwardsP. S.  
HARTERIESomersetBrutonabt 1570 onwardsP. S.  
HARTILLStaffordshireBilstonabt 1742 onwardsP. S.  
HARVEYSomersetLullingtonabt 1764 onwardsP. S.  
HEATHSomersetBerkleyabt 1780 onwardsP. S.  
INGSWiltshireSalisburyabt 1803 onwardsP. S.  
KEMPEssexLittle Yeldhamabt 1814 onwardsP. S.  
LAWESWiltshireHomingtonabt 1760 onwardsP. S.  
LECHERCornwallIlloganabt 1803P. S.  
MAIDMENTDorsetMelbury Abbasabt 1715 onwardsP. S.  
MASONStaffordshireBilstonabt 1685 onwardsP. S.  
MERCERWiltshireDonhead St. Andrewabt 1600 onwardsP. S.  
MINCHINGTONSomersetEast Chinnockabt 1715 onwardsP. S.  
MINCHINGTONDorsetYetminsterabt 1789P. S.  
PERRYWiltshireBroad Chalkeabt 1692 onwardsP. S.  
PHILLIPSCornwallRedruthabt 1853P. S.  
RADFORDSomersetBrutonabt 1700 onwardsP. S.  
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