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All Entries From Richard Dodds

Richard Dodds has a Total of 30 Entries.

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ARMSTRONGCumberlandKirkandrews on Esk1880\'sRichard Dodds  
ARMSTRONGCumberlandStapleton1700-1830Richard Dodds  
ARMSTRONGCumberlandBewcastle1700-1830Richard Dodds  
BLACKCumberlandArthuret1700-1800Richard Dodds  
BLANKSEssexLittle Baddow1700-1830Richard Dodds  
BLANKSEssexGreat Baddow 1700 1880Richard Dodds  
CROSBYWestmorlandKirkby Thore1650- 1800Richard Dodds  
DODDSNorthumberlandNewcastle Upon Tyne1700-1850Richard Dodds  
ELLISONCounty DurhamHeworth1700-1850Richard Dodds  
ELLISONCounty DurhamJarrow1700-1850Richard Dodds  
GRAHAM-MARYCumberlandArthuret1800Richard Dodds  
GRAHAM-MARYCumberlandKirkandrews On Esk1800Richard Dodds  
GREENCounty DurhamGateshead1700-1850Richard Dodds  
GREENNorthumberlandByker1800-1880Richard Dodds  
HINDSONWestmorlandRosgill1800-1900Richard Dodds  
HINDSONWestmorlandKirkby ThoreAllRichard Dodds  
IRVINGCumberlandArthuret1700 -1880Richard Dodds  
IRVINGWestmorlandShap-1850Richard Dodds  
LAMBCumberlandIrthingtonearlyRichard Dodds  
MILESCumberlandBramptonAllRichard Dodds  
MILESCumberlandIrthingtonAllRichard Dodds  
POTTERCumberlandLazonby1700 - 1800Richard Dodds  
PURVISNorthumberlandHexhamAllRichard Dodds  
RODDAMNorthumberlandHexhamAllRichard Dodds  
RUMNEYWestmorlandMorland1700-1800Richard Dodds  
STOKOENorthumberlandHexhamAllRichard Dodds  
TEASDALECumberlandLazonby1750-1800Richard Dodds  
TEASDALECumberlandAlston1750-1800Richard Dodds  
TINNINGCumberlandArthuret1600- 1820Richard Dodds  
WAUGHCumberlandIrthingtonAllRichard Dodds