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All Entries From Angela Booth

Angela Booth has a Total of 118 Entries.

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ADKINSNorthamptonshireNorthampton1750-1900Angela BoothWeb Site 
ADKINSNorthamptonshireWollaston1750-1900Angela BoothWeb Site 
ALLISONCounty DurhamBishop Auckland1700sAngela BoothWeb Site 
ALUREDSuffolkAllC15th/16thAngela BoothWeb Site 
ALUREDYorkshireBeverleyC16th/ 17thAngela BoothWeb Site 
ALUREDYorkshireKingston Upon HullC16th/ 17thAngela BoothWeb Site 
ASHMOLEYorkshireBeverleyAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BALLBuckinghamshireWotton Underwood1700-1850Angela BoothWeb Site 
BALLBuckinghamshireAylesbury1700-1850Angela BoothWeb Site 
BANKSWiltshireChippenham1700sAngela BoothWeb Site 
BEATSONYorkshireBeeston1650-1850Angela BoothWeb Site 
BEATSONYorkshireKingston Upon Hull1650-1850Angela BoothWeb Site 
BELTYorkshireBossallAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BELTYorkshireYorkAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BLENKINYorkshireOttringhamAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BLENKINYorkshireMappletonAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BLENKINYorkshireKingston Upon HullAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BLENKINLincolnshireLincoln1800sAngela BoothWeb Site 
BLENKINLincolnshireBoston1800sAngela BoothWeb Site 
BOOTHCounty DurhamKillerby1700-1950Angela BoothWeb Site 
BOOTHYorkshireWarlaby1700-1950Angela BoothWeb Site 
BOWERYorkshireBridlingtonAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BURRELLNorthumberlandKirknewtonAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BURRELLNorthumberlandBroom ParkAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
BURRELLNorthumberlandBoltonAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
CALVERTYorkshireSouth Cowton1600-1700Angela BoothWeb Site 
CAWOODYorkshireKingston Upon HullC17th/ 18thAngela BoothWeb Site 
CHARGEYorkshireBartonAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
CHARGEYorkshireCleasbyAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
CHILTONBuckinghamshireAylesbury1700-1870Angela BoothWeb Site 
CLARKHampshireDroxford1700sAngela BoothWeb Site 
COCKERELLYorkshireHedon1600-1750Angela BoothWeb Site 
COCKRELLYorkshireHedon1600-1750Angela BoothWeb Site 
COLLINGSEssexBoxtedC16th/ C17thAngela BoothWeb Site 
COLLINGSYorkshireKingston Upon Hull1600-1850Angela BoothWeb Site 
COLLINGSNorfolkNorwichC17thAngela BoothWeb Site 
CROSBYYorkshireHolme-on-Spalding-Moor1500-1600Angela BoothWeb Site 
CUTHBERTSONCounty DurhamShadforth1600sAngela BoothWeb Site 
CUTHBERTSONNorthumberlandNewcastle Upon Tyne1600-1800Angela BoothWeb Site 
DIAPERHampshireMeonstoke1600-1720Angela BoothWeb Site 
DIXONCounty DurhamWolsingham1600-1720Angela BoothWeb Site 
FRYERCumberlandDeanC18thAngela BoothWeb Site 
GLAISTERYorkshireKirkby Fleetham1800sAngela BoothWeb Site 
GLAISTERCumberlandDeanc17th to nowAngela BoothWeb Site 
GLAISTERCumberlandCockermouthc17th to nowAngela BoothWeb Site 
GREAMEYorkshireSewerbyAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
HILLYERHertfordshireHemel Hempstead1790-1860Angela BoothWeb Site 
HOBBSHampshireSoberton1650-1750Angela BoothWeb Site 
HOBSONYorkshireAldbroughAllAngela BoothWeb Site 
JOHNSONYorkshireBeverley1570-1800Angela BoothWeb Site 
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