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All Entries From Kathlene Pettycrew

Kathlene Pettycrew has a Total of 30 Entries.

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PETTYCREWDenbighshireLlansannan1861Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWLanarkshireNot Known1780Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWFifeNot Known1830Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWWigtownshireInch1775 1861Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWFifeAll1830Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWFifeBalmerino1831Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWAyrshireGirvan1831Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWAyrshireGirvan1850Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWKirkcudbrightshireKirkpatrick Durham1825Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWDumfriesshireDumfries1861 1891Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWFifeKilmany1851 1849Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWLanarkshireBothwell1815, 1851Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWDumfriesshireNot Known1821Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWWigtownshireNewton Stewart1861Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWAyrshireAyr2005Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWKirkcudbrightshireGirthon1860 1890Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWWigtownshireStoneykirk1808Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWWigtownshireKirkcowan1859Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWWest LothianLinlithgow1743Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWWest LothianBathgate1761Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWStirlingshireMuiravonside1836Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWStirlingshireSlamannan1777Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWMidlothianMusselburgh1747Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWMidlothianEdinburgh1803 1754Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWKirkcudbrightshireRerrick1849 1853Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWKirkcudbrightshireKirkcudbright1857 1863 1861 1858Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWEast LothianPrestonkirk1840 1836Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWAngusDundee1822Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWAberdeenshireAberdeen1810Kathlene Pettycrew  
PETTYCREWMidlothianInveresk1747Kathlene Pettycrew