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All Entries From Ian G Lawrence

Ian G Lawrence has a Total of 182 Entries.

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ABLESONCounty DurhamStockton-on-Tees1700 - 1830Ian G Lawrence  
ABLESONCounty DurhamSunderland1700 - 1830Ian G Lawrence  
ALSTONClackmannanshireAlloa1770 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
ALSTONStirlingshireStirling1770 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
ARROWSMITHCounty DurhamSouth Shields1700 - 1820Ian G Lawrence  
ARTHURYorkshireHarthill1640 - 1760Ian G Lawrence  
ARTHURNottinghamshireAll1650 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
ATINSONCounty DurhamStockton-on-Tees1700 - 1830Ian G Lawrence  
ATINSONCounty DurhamSunderland1700 - 1830Ian G Lawrence  
BALLARDLeicestershireLoughborough1800 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BALLARDNottinghamshireAttenborough1700 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BALLARDNottinghamshireNottingham1851 - 1851Ian G Lawrence  
BALLARDNottinghamshireToton1700 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BATEMANYorkshireThirsk1800 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
BELLCounty DurhamStockton-on-Tees1760 - 1840Ian G Lawrence  
BELLCounty DurhamSunderland1700 - 1830Ian G Lawrence  
BINKSYorkshireCleasby1750 - 1820Ian G Lawrence  
BRIGGSGloucestershireBristol1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
BRIGGSGloucestershireAll1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
BRIGGSSomersetBrislington1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
BROGDONNorthumberlandAll1700 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BROGDONCounty DurhamAll1700 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNNorthumberlandChirton1800 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNLancashirePrescot1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNLancashireLiverpool1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNLancashireEccleston1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNCounty DurhamRyhope1815 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNCounty DurhamPittington1815 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNCounty DurhamHaswell1815 - 1900Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNCounty DurhamHarraton1891 - 1930Ian G Lawrence  
BROWNCounty DurhamChester-Le-Street1891 - 1930Ian G Lawrence  
BYERSCounty DurhamSunderland1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
CARRICKCumberlandAlston1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
CARRICKCumberlandGarrigill1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
CARRICKNorthumberlandHaltwhistle1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
CAVANDERNorthumberlandAll1800 - 1990Ian G Lawrence  
CAVANDERCounty DurhamAll1800 - 1990Ian G Lawrence  
CAVENDERNorthumberlandAll1820 - 1890Ian G Lawrence  
CHILTONNorthumberlandWalker1800 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
CLARKENottinghamshireCuckney1750 - 1795Ian G Lawrence  
COOKScotlandAll1780 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
COOKSomersetClutton1700 - 1880Ian G Lawrence  
COOKNorthumberlandNewcastle upon Tyne1750 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
COUSINCumberlandAlston1740 - 1840Ian G Lawrence  
COUSINCumberlandGarrigill1740 - 1840Ian G Lawrence  
DANIELYorkshireGuisborough1700 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
DANIELCounty DurhamWhitburn1770 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
DANIELCounty DurhamCleadon1770 - 1800Ian G Lawrence  
DAVIESLancashireEccleston1750 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
DAVIESLancashireLiverpool1750 - 1850Ian G Lawrence  
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