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All Entries From Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne

Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne has a Total of 42 Entries.

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BELFRAGEStirlingshireFalkirkpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
BROWNELanarkshireAnderstonpre 1850Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
BROWNELanarkshireGlasgowpre 1850Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
COULSONDerbyshireDErby1815 - ?Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
COULTHARDCumberlandScotby1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCounty DurhamWhickhampre 1812Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCounty DurhamRytonpre 1812Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCounty DurhamMedomsleypre 1812Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCounty DurhamBishop Aucklandpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCumberlandWetheralPre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCumberlandScotbyPre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCumberlandFentonPre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCumberlandCarlislePre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FORSTERCumberlandBramptonPre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
FYFELanarkshireGlasgowpre 1850Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
GRAHAMCumberlandNot KnownPre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
GRAHAMCumberlandKirklintonpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
GRAHAMCumberlandKirkandrews On EskPre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
GRAHAMCumberlandHaytonpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
GRAHAMCumberlandCarlislePre 1827Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
HAYLanarkshireGlasgowpre 1850Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
HOUGHDerbyshireShottle1815-1871Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
JONESDevonBideford1825-1870Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
MCINTOSHInverness-shireInvernesspre 1801Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
MCINTOSHFifeUrquhartpre 1801Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
MUSGRAVECounty DurhamBishopwearmouthpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
MUSGROVECounty DurhamBishopwearmouthpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
OSTLECumberlandHolm Cultrampre 1825Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
PICKENRenfrewshirePaisleypre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
PICKENAyrshireKilmaurspre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
PICKENStirlingshireFalkirk1790-1825Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
PICKENMidlothianEdinburgh1790-1825Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
SCANDRETTCounty AntrimMoira1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
SCANDRETTHerefordshireMonkland1680-1705Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
SCANDRETTHerefordshireKington1680-1705Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
SCANDRETTHerefordshireEardisland1680-1705Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
SCANDRETTHerefordshireAlmeley1715Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
SOMMERSLanarkshireAllpre 1800Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
TANTONDevonSt. Giles in the Wood1825 ffSheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
TOWSEYorkshireGarton-on-the-woldspre 1817Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
WINGFIELDLanarkshireAnderstonpre 1850Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne  
WINGFIELDLanarkshireGlasgowpre 1850Sheila Gail (Forster) Browne