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All Entries From jan

jan has a Total of 36 Entries.

There are a total of 36 records (Use the page navigation links below to move through them all).

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ATKINSONYorkshireMiddlesbroughc1880janWeb Site 
ATKINSONYorkshireRosedale AbbeyalljanWeb Site 
ATKINSONYorkshireSouth Bankc1880janWeb Site 
BASSETTGlamorganAllalljanWeb Site 
BOTTRILLYorkshireSouth BanklljanWeb Site 
BULLYMANSomersetLydeard St. LawrenceALLjanWeb Site 
CAMMACKLincolnshireConingsbyup to 1891janWeb Site 
CAMMACKYorkshireEstonc1880janWeb Site 
CASTLEYorkshireSouth BankalljanWeb Site 
CASTLEYorkshireMiddlesbroughalljanWeb Site 
CASTLECounty DurhamHartlepoolalljanWeb Site 
CHAPMANYorkshireHawnbyalljanWeb Site 
CHOLMONDELEYYorkshireMiddlesbroughalljanWeb Site 
CHOLMONDELEYYorkshireSouth BankalljanWeb Site 
COLESSomersetLuxboroughup to 1870janWeb Site 
COLESGlamorganCardiff1870-presentjanWeb Site 
DAVIESCarmarthenshireLlanfynyddalljanWeb Site 
DAWSONYorkshireSouth BankalljanWeb Site 
DAWSONYorkshireMiddlesbroughalljanWeb Site 
DIBBLESomersetFitzheadalljanWeb Site 
FARMERSomersetLuxboroughalljanWeb Site 
FARROWYorkshireCommondalealljanWeb Site 
FARROWYorkshireRosedale AbbeyalljanWeb Site 
HOLESomersetLuxboroughalljanWeb Site 
HOWSomersetCutcombealljanWeb Site 
HOWARTHCheshireStalybridgeanyjanWeb Site 
KEOGHYorkshireSouth BankalljanWeb Site 
KEOGHYorkshireMiddlesbroughalljanWeb Site 
LILLEYLincolnshireTumbyalljanWeb Site 
LILLEYYorkshireEstonalljanWeb Site 
MERCERYorkshireFarndale Low QuarteralljanWeb Site 
ROSITERSomersetLuxboroughalljanWeb Site 
RUDGEStaffordshireWednesburyanyjanWeb Site 
RUDGEYorkshireMiddlesbroughc1880janWeb Site 
RUDGEYorkshireSouth Bankc1880janWeb Site 
WILLIAMSGlamorganPeterston-super-ElyalljanWeb Site