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All Entries From Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller has a Total of 30 Entries.

There are a total of 30 records (Use the page navigation links below to move through them all).

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BAKERWarwickshireBirmingham1830/1850Margaret Fuller  
BENNETTCounty DurhamHebburn1900+Margaret Fuller  
BENNETTWiltshireSalisbury1760 - 1838Margaret Fuller  
BENNETTWiltshireSalisburyPre 1840Margaret Fuller  
BESTCumberlandCumrew1800Margaret Fuller  
BESTCumberlandHayton1800/1850Margaret Fuller  
BULLENCounty DurhamFence Houses1889+Margaret Fuller  
COLESWiltshireMelksham1775Margaret Fuller  
COSTIGANNorthumberlandWalker1890Margaret Fuller  
DONNELLYCounty DurhamHebburn1870+Margaret Fuller  
FITTONNorthumberlandWallsend1906-1938Margaret Fuller  
FULLERCumberlandHayton1834/1870Margaret Fuller  
FULLERCounty DurhamJarrow1882+Margaret Fuller  
FULLERCounty DurhamSeaham1873+Margaret Fuller  
FULLERCounty DurhamWest Herrington1881Margaret Fuller  
HARTLEYCumberlandWigton1835/1861Margaret Fuller  
HEAVISIDECumberlandHayton1650 - 1800Margaret Fuller  
HULBERTSomersetBath1806 - ?Margaret Fuller  
IVESNorfolkBurgh Next Aylsham1800Margaret Fuller  
LACKENBYNorthumberlandWalker1891-1920Margaret Fuller  
LACKENBYNorthumberlandWallsend1920-2000Margaret Fuller  
MURPHYCounty DurhamHebburn1860+Margaret Fuller  
MURPHYCounty DurhamHebburn1889+Margaret Fuller  
MURTHACounty DurhamHebburn1860+Margaret Fuller  
NEWTONCumberlandCumrew1729/1830Margaret Fuller  
PAYNECounty DurhamJarrow1870+Margaret Fuller  
PAYNENorfolkAylsham1800-1851Margaret Fuller  
PAYNECounty DurhamHebburn1870+Margaret Fuller  
TINNISWOODCumberlandHayton1650 - 1900Margaret Fuller  
WILSONNorthumberlandNewcastle Upon Tyne1800+Margaret Fuller