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All Entries From Carole Sarvis

Carole Sarvis has a Total of 32 Entries.

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APPLEBYSomersetSomerton<1854Carole Sarvis  
BUNNHertfordshireSt. Albans<1830Carole Sarvis  
CRIDDLESomersetClutton<1900Carole Sarvis  
CUFFLINLondonAll <1850Carole Sarvis  
CULMERKentThanet<1800Carole Sarvis  
DAVYCornwallGwennap1600 to 1800Carole Sarvis  
FRANCISCornwallGwennap1600 to 1830Carole Sarvis  
FRANCISCornwallGwinear1600 to 1830Carole Sarvis  
GEEHertfordshireSt. Albans<1750Carole Sarvis  
GRAYKentThanet1600-1800Carole Sarvis  
HARINGTONDevonPlymouth<1874Carole Sarvis  
HARINGTONSomersetWincanton<1808Carole Sarvis  
HILLERKentThanet1700-1800Carole Sarvis  
HOSKINCornwallGwennapup to 1800Carole Sarvis  
HUGGETTKentThanet1600-1800Carole Sarvis  
JUBBNottinghamshireNottingham<1806Carole Sarvis  
MARKHAMBedfordshireSTEVINGTON1700-1800Carole Sarvis  
MARKHAMHuntingdonshireLITTLE PAXTON1700-1800Carole Sarvis  
MARKHAMBedfordshireEaton Socon1700-1800Carole Sarvis  
MORGANKentAll1600-1800Carole Sarvis  
OMERKentThanet1600-1800Carole Sarvis  
PAULINKentThanet1600-1800Carole Sarvis  
PERROTHertfordshireSt. Albans<1750Carole Sarvis  
RIPPERNorfolkThetford<1800>Carole Sarvis  
SARVISCornwallMylor<1860Carole Sarvis  
SHUTTLEWORTHLondonAll <1820Carole Sarvis  
SHUTTLEWORTHHertfordshireSt. Albans<1796Carole Sarvis  
STEPHENSLondonAll <1827Carole Sarvis  
STEPHENSRadnorshirePresteigne1700 to 1800Carole Sarvis  
TURNERNorfolkThetford<1800.Carole Sarvis  
URENCornwallGwinearup to 1840Carole Sarvis  
WHITEKentThanet<1800Carole Sarvis