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All Entries From Garry James George

Garry James George has a Total of 25 Entries.

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ABLETTGloucestershireHotwells1800 +Garry James George  
ABLETTGloucestershireBristol1800 +Garry James George  
ABLETTGloucestershireThornbury1800 +Garry James George  
BURGESSSomersetAshtonMid 1700Garry James George  
BURGESSSomersetBedminsterMid 1700Garry James George  
DUFFIELDMonmouthshireTintern17 -1800sGarry James George  
DUFFIELDMonmouthshireChapel Hill17 -1800sGarry James George  
FISHERGloucestershireThornbury2012-06-14Garry James George  
GEORGEGloucestershireBristol1817 +Garry James George  
GEORGEWiltshireDilton Marsh1817 +Garry James George  
GEORGEWiltshireAvon Gorge1817 +Garry James George Notes
JOHNSONGloucestershireBrockweir1800sGarry James George  
KIRBYGloucestershireBitton1800 +Garry James George  
KIRBYGloucestershireOldland1800 +Garry James George  
POLLARDDevonBroadClyst1700sGarry James George  
PRINCELancashireBlackpoolMid 1800Garry James George  
PRINCELancashireSalfordMid 1800Garry James George  
PRINCELancashirePoulton-Le-FyldeMid 1800Garry James George  
PURNELLGloucestershireThornbury2012-03-14Garry James George  
PURNELLGloucestershireLeonard1700sGarry James George Notes
PURNELLGloucestershireKing Stanley1700sGarry James George Notes
STRONGGloucestershireForest of Dean2012-03-14Garry James George  
STRONGGloucestershireThornbury2012-03-14Garry James George  
TRUDEDevonBroadClyst17-1800sGarry James George  
WILSONDevonBroadClyst1700sGarry James George