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All Entries From Betty Flood

Betty Flood has a Total of 29 Entries.

There are a total of 29 records (Use the page navigation links below to move through them all).

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BARROWMonmouthshireLLANDOGO1680 -1840Betty Flood  
BILLINGNorfolkTITTLESHALL1700 - 1800Betty Flood  
BLACKCLOTHNorfolkHARDINGHAM1730 - 1850Betty Flood  
BLACKLINGNorfolkHARDINGHAM1730 - 1850Betty Flood  
BUSHNorfolkHARDINGHAM1728 - 1850Betty Flood  
CARMANNorfolkSCARNING1730 - 1780Betty Flood  
DEINESGloucestershireNot KnownST BRIAVELSBetty Flood  
FLOODNorfolkFINCHAM1720 - 1870Betty Flood  
GODDARDSuffolkEYE1650 - 1750Betty Flood  
HATHAWAYGloucestershireHEWELSFIELD1650 - 1850Betty Flood  
HATHAWAYHerefordshireWALFORD1810 - 1860Betty Flood  
HATHAWAYMonmouthshireLLANDOGO1750 - 1840Betty Flood  
HOPKINSGloucestershireHEWELSFIELD1680 - 1800Betty Flood  
HOPKINSMonmouthshireLLANDOGO1680 - 1840Betty Flood  
HOWARDNorfolkGREAT FRANSHAM1810 - 1835Betty Flood  
JAMESWiltshireCalne1700 - 1850Betty Flood  
JONESHerefordshireWeston under Penyard1780 - 1880Betty Flood  
LEWISMonmouthshireLLANDOGO1680 - 1850Betty Flood  
MINTNERSuffolkYAXLEY1730 - 1750Betty Flood  
ORTONNorfolkHINGHAM1700 - 1800Betty Flood  
POWLEYNorfolkGREAT FRANSHAM1720 - 1800Betty Flood  
REYNOLDSMonmouthshireLLANDOGO1700 - 1850Betty Flood  
SMYTHGloucestershireBERKELEY1770 - 1800Betty Flood  
STEPHENSONWiltshireCALNE1700 - 1850Betty Flood  
VIZARDGloucestershireNORTH NIBLEY1750 - 1800Betty Flood  
WEBBHerefordshireWALFORD1750 - 1850Betty Flood  
WHITEWiltshireDEVIZES1750 - 1855Betty Flood  
WHITESomersetBATH1810 - 1860Betty Flood  
WORKMANGloucestershireNORTH NIBLEY1750 - 1900Betty Flood