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All Entries From David R Blackmore

David R Blackmore has a Total of 38 Entries.

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ABBOTTSuffolkIpswich1750+David R Blackmore  
AGERNorfolkOvington1760+David R Blackmore  
BALEDevonLynton1600+David R Blackmore  
BLACKMOREDevonParracombe1600-1900David R Blackmore  
BLAKEDevonHigh Bray1600+David R Blackmore  
BRAYDevonBarnstaple1830+David R Blackmore  
BUCKINGHAMEssexColchester1740 +David R Blackmore  
BUTCHERSurreyAlfold1830David R Blackmore  
CHRISTMASSussexPetworth1760+David R Blackmore  
CRANGDevonAll1650-2000David R Blackmore  
CULLUMSuffolkBungay1790+David R Blackmore  
DALDYEssexColchester2013-11-07David R Blackmore  
DOVELLDevonParracombe1600-1900David R Blackmore  
EAMESDevonLynton1570+David R Blackmore  
FOSTEREssexColchester1800+David R Blackmore  
FOSTERSuffolkStoke By Clare1750+David R Blackmore  
GAMMONDevonParracombe1720+David R Blackmore  
HARDINGDevonParracombe1720+David R Blackmore  
HOOPERDevonLynton1650+David R Blackmore  
HUXTABLEDevonNorth Molton1600+David R Blackmore  
KNIGHTDevonLynton1600-1900David R Blackmore  
LOCKDevonParracombe1600-1950David R Blackmore  
LORDDevonParracombe1670+David R Blackmore  
MARTINEssexColchester1780+David R Blackmore  
PARTRIDGEDevonMartinhoe1690+David R Blackmore  
PARTRIDGEDevonParracombe1790+David R Blackmore  
PROLEDevonMartinhoe1650+David R Blackmore  
SLADERDevonNorth Molton1500-1900David R Blackmore  
SLADERDevonParracombe1500-1900David R Blackmore  
SMYTHDevonParracombe1750-2000David R Blackmore  
SNOWSomersetOare1790+David R Blackmore  
SOUTHEssexAll1770+David R Blackmore  
TAYLORSomersetSelworthy1650+David R Blackmore  
TUPPERSussexBignor1720+David R Blackmore  
VELLACOTTDevonLynton1650+David R Blackmore  
WATTSDevonParracombeca 1780+David R Blackmore  
WINTERNorfolkLonghamca 1600+David R Blackmore  
WOODGERSussexLittlehampton1750+David R Blackmore