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All Entries From Jenny Dennis

Jenny Dennis has a Total of 119 Entries.

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ALFORDDevonHigh Bickington18-20th CJenny Dennis  
ALMONDBerkshireAbingdon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
ALMONDOxfordshireMarsh Baldon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
ALMONDOxfordshireSandford-on-Thames18-20CJenny Dennis  
ALMONDOxfordshireToot Baldon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
ANDERSONMorayshireAll18-20thCJenny Dennis  
ANDERSONMorayshireRothes18-20thCJenny Dennis  
BAKERDevonOttery St. Mary18-20th CJenny Dennis  
BAKERCambridgeshireBourn18-20thCJenny Dennis  
BAULKCambridgeshireAbington Pigotts18-20th CJenny Dennis  
BAULKCambridgeshireGuilden Morden19th CJenny Dennis  
BAULKHertfordshireWatton At Stone19-20th CJenny Dennis  
BAULKKentCrayford18-20thCJenny Dennis  
BESLEYDevonCombe Raleigh18-19thCJenny Dennis  
BESLEYDevonMembury18-19thCJenny Dennis  
BREMNERMorayshireRothes18-20thCJenny Dennis  
BREMNERMorayshireAll18-20thCJenny Dennis  
BURTONStaffordshireBarton-under-Needwood18-19th CJenny Dennis  
CHANNONDevonOttery St. Mary18-20th CJenny Dennis  
COOKEDevonVenn Ottery17th CJenny Dennis  
CORYCornwallPoundstock17-20thCJenny Dennis  
COXOxfordshireMarsh Baldon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
COXOxfordshireToot Baldon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
CUFFDevonMembury19th|CJenny Dennis  
DAVEYCornwallMylor18/19th CJenny Dennis  
DAVEYDevonCrediton18-20th CJenny Dennis  
DAVEYDevonExeter18-20th CJenny Dennis  
DAVEYDevonHoniton18-20th CJenny Dennis  
DAVIESCambridgeshireHatley St. George19thCJenny Dennis  
DENNISCornwallTintagel19thCJenny Dennis  
DENNISCornwallSt. Gluvias17thCJenny Dennis  
DENNISCornwallFeock17thCJenny Dennis  
DENYSCornwallFeock17thCJenny Dennis  
DENYSCornwallSt. Gluvias17thCJenny Dennis  
EDECornwallTintagel19thCJenny Dennis  
ENDSMANCambridgeshireNot Known18-20th CJenny Dennis  
EVELEIGHDevonNot Known18th CJenny Dennis  
GODFREYDevonOttery St. Mary1600 - 2000Jenny Dennis  
GOODINGOxfordshireToot Baldon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
GOODINGOxfordshireMarsh Baldon18-20thCJenny Dennis  
GOODINGDevonHigh Bickington18-20th CJenny Dennis  
GOUGHStaffordshireAlrewas19thCJenny Dennis  
GREENWOODCornwallForrabury18thCJenny Dennis  
HAMBLYCornwallSt. Juliot18thCJenny Dennis  
HARRISCornwallMinster18-19thCJenny Dennis  
HARTLESSWarwickshireGreat Packington19thCJenny Dennis  
HARTNELLDevonHoniton18-20th CJenny Dennis  
HAWKECornwallBodmin19th CJenny Dennis  
HERNDevonHigh Bickington18-20th CJenny Dennis  
HIGGINSCornwallPoundstock18-19th CJenny Dennis  
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