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All Entries From Malcolm Hills

Malcolm Hills has a Total of 58 Entries.

Malcolm Hills has provided the following global notes to their entries

Researching HILLS & BURNS in Cumberland, GRAHAM from Eskdalemuir Dumfriesshire, GREEN, MYERS from Northumberland and Yorkshire and BYWATER from Home Counties. I am also the owner and co-ordinator of this site and am happy to assist with any problems using the site

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ABBOTCumberlandLazonby1700'sMalcolm Hills  
ABBOTTCumberlandCarlisle1830 +Malcolm Hills  
ARMSTRONGCumberlandCarlisle1850 -Malcolm Hills  
ASSITYorkshireLeeds-1840Malcolm Hills  
BARNFATHERCumberlandCarlisle1881 +Malcolm Hills  
BELLCumberlandOusby1760sMalcolm Hills  
BICKERDIKEYorkshireLeedsALLMalcolm Hills  
BOAKCumberlandWigton1780sMalcolm Hills  
BOLTONYorkshireBeeston1860-Malcolm Hills  
BOLTONYorkshireWakefield1840 -Malcolm Hills  
BOLTONMiddlesexAll1811Malcolm Hills  
BREWISCumberlandCarlisle1780 +Malcolm Hills  
BURNSCumberlandWorkington1850 - Malcolm Hills  
BURNSCumberlandWhitehaven1850 -Malcolm Hills  
FAWCETTCumberlandCarlisle1900-Malcolm Hills  
GLENDINNINGCumberlandPlumptonAllMalcolm Hills  
GRAHAMDumfriesshireEskdalemuir1600+Malcolm Hills  
GRAVESCumberlandSouthwaite1790 +Malcolm Hills  
HAWKECumberlandWorkington1793Malcolm Hills  
HILLSCumberlandCarlisle-1774Malcolm Hills  
HILLSLancashireEverton1850 +Malcolm Hills  
HILLSSurreySutton1600sMalcolm Hills  
IRVINGCumberlandPlumpton1836 +Malcolm Hills  
JAMESCumberlandLazonby1700sMalcolm Hills  
KERFOOTYorkshireLeeds1840 -Malcolm Hills  
KERFOOTYorkshireRotherham1842 -Malcolm Hills  
LAGONBYCumberlandPLUMPTON1830 +Malcolm Hills  
LAZONBYCumberlandPLUMPTON1830 +Malcolm Hills  
MANNCumberlandWorkington-1825Malcolm Hills  
MANNCumberlandSilloth-1825Malcolm Hills  
MANNWestmorlandTebayUnknownMalcolm Hills  
MARTINCumberlandCarlisle1850 +Malcolm Hills  
MCKAYCumberlandAllUnknownMalcolm Hills  
MCLAUGHLINCumberlandWhitehaven1850 -Malcolm Hills  
MOFFITTCumberlandWorkington1850 -Malcolm Hills  
NELSONCumberlandCarlisle1793Malcolm Hills  
OSSETTYorkshireLeeds-1840Malcolm Hills  
OSSITTYorkshireSelby-1800Malcolm Hills  
OSSITTYorkshireHunslet-1840Malcolm Hills  
OSSITTYorkshireHensall-1780Malcolm Hills  
PARKERCumberlandWorkington-1850Malcolm Hills  
PATTERSONCumberlandAll1796Malcolm Hills  
RIGLINCumberlandCarlisle1850 -Malcolm Hills  
RIGLINLancashireWest DerbyAllMalcolm Hills  
RIGLINEssexOngar1850 -Malcolm Hills  
ROBINSONCumberlandSouthwaite-1865Malcolm Hills  
ROBINSONCumberlandCumwhinton1837 +Malcolm Hills  
ROBINSONCumberlandCarlisle1837 +Malcolm Hills  
SCOTTLancashireEverton1850 +Malcolm Hills  
SCOTTCumberlandCarlisle1830 +Malcolm Hills  
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