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All Entries From Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark has a Total of 64 Entries.

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BARKERYorkshireBolton-on-Swalefrom 1823Jennifer Clark  
BARKERYorkshireSheffieldfrom 1823Jennifer Clark  
BARRETTSomersetBarringtonfrom 1815Jennifer Clark  
BARRETTSomersetWestportfrom 1847Jennifer Clark  
BELLAMYYorkshireSheffieldfrom 1817Jennifer Clark  
BOOTHYorkshireBrightside BierlowFrom 1824Jennifer Clark  
BOOTHYorkshireSheffieldFrom 1824Jennifer Clark  
BOWDENGlamorganCardiff1887Jennifer Clark  
BOWDENDevonInstowfrom 1842Jennifer Clark  
BRIDGESomersetBarringtonfrom 1817Jennifer Clark  
CAPELSomersetCompton Bishopfrom 1807Jennifer Clark  
CASTLETONYorkshireSheffieldfrom 1821Jennifer Clark  
CHATTERTONYorkshireSheffieldfrom 1897Jennifer Clark  
CHATTERTONYorkshireBrightside Bierlowfrom 1897Jennifer Clark  
CHATTERTONLincolnshireTheddlethorpefrom 1847Jennifer Clark  
CHATTERTONLincolnshireLouthfrom 1794Jennifer Clark  
CHATTERTONLincolnshireLittle Cawthorpefrom 1815Jennifer Clark  
CLARKSomersetBedminster1833 - 1880Jennifer Clark  
CLARKGloucestershireBristol1833 - 1880Jennifer Clark  
CLARKSomersetChurchillfrom 1813Jennifer Clark  
COLELincolnshireDalbyfrom 1824Jennifer Clark  
COLELincolnshireLangton By Partneyfrom 1824Jennifer Clark  
DIBBLESomersetBurnham-on-Seafrom 1797Jennifer Clark  
DUNHAMLincolnshireSaltfleetby St. Clementfrom 1853Jennifer Clark  
FOSTERWarwickshireKinetonfrom 1804Jennifer Clark  
FULTONLanarkshireCambusnethanfrom 1862Jennifer Clark  
FULTONLanarkshireGlasgowfrom 1824Jennifer Clark  
FULTONRenfrewshireRenfrewfrom 1824Jennifer Clark  
GRIFFEYDevonBidefordfrom 1822Jennifer Clark  
HALLYorkshireSheffieldfrom 1767Jennifer Clark  
LANCEFIELDMiddlesexLondonfrom 1815Jennifer Clark  
LANCEFIELDMiddlesexNot Knownfrom 1815Jennifer Clark  
LINGARDStaffordshireWest Bromwichfrom 1846Jennifer Clark  
LINGARDStaffordshireWednesburyfrom 1846Jennifer Clark  
MCINTYRELanarkshireGlasgowfrom 1823Jennifer Clark  
MENSFORTHLancashireLiverpoolfrom 1839Jennifer Clark  
MENSFORTHLancashireWest Derbyfrom 1839Jennifer Clark  
NEALLincolnshireMucktonfrom 1791Jennifer Clark  
NICOLLCaithnessLatheronfrom 1841Jennifer Clark  
POLLARDCornwallKeafrom 1821Jennifer Clark  
POPEWiltshireSalisburyfrom 1804Jennifer Clark  
PORTERKentFolkestone1848Jennifer Clark  
PORTERMiddlesexLondon1842Jennifer Clark  
PORTERNottinghamshireNot Knownfrom 1797Jennifer Clark  
PORTERNottinghamshireNottinghamfrom 1797Jennifer Clark  
RUTHERFORDAngusDundeefrom 1864Jennifer Clark  
RUTHERFORDCaithnessWickfrom 1836Jennifer Clark  
SAYERSGloucestershireBristolfrom 1838Jennifer Clark  
SAYERSSomersetBedminsterfrom 1838Jennifer Clark  
SAYERSDevonKingsbridgefrom 1791Jennifer Clark  
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