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All Entries From derek meadows

derek meadows has a Total of 17 Entries.

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ANDERSKentMedway1900-1950+derek meadows  
ANDERSKentChatham1900-1950+derek meadows  
ANDERSKentStrood1900-1950+derek meadows  
ANDERSKentRochester1900-1950+derek meadows  
BODDYKentStrood1900 -1950derek meadows  
GRANSDENKentMedwayanyderek meadows  
KNELLKentUpper Upnor1900?derek meadows  
KNELLKentNot Known1900?derek meadows  
MEADOWSKentStrood1917 -1960derek meadows  
MEADOWSSurreyGuildford1935-1970derek meadows  
MEADOWSCarmarthenshireLlandovery1930-1950??derek meadows  
MEADOWSKentStrood1900-1950+derek meadows  
MEADOWSKentRochester1900-1950+derek meadows  
MEADOWSKentMedway1900-1950+derek meadows  
MEADOWSKentDeptford1850-1915derek meadows  
MEADOWSSurreyGuildford1935-1955derek meadows  
MEADOWSKentChatham1900-1950+derek meadows