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All Entries From Ian Butterworth

Ian Butterworth has a Total of 258 Entries.

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ANDREWSDevonWidecombe in the Moorbef 1726Ian Butterworth  
BECKETWiltshireHindon1770-1800 + or -Ian Butterworth  
BELLETTDevonTiverton1730-1760Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonTavistockBef 1865- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonTotnesBef 1910- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonTorbryanBef 1645- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonPlymptonBef 1579- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonOkehamptonBef 1763-1842Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonNot KnownBef 1820-1930Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonNewton AbbotBef 1758-1875Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonUgboroughBef 1644- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonWidecombe in the MoorBef 1760-1806Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonWolboroughBef 1774-?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDHampshireAlverstoke1831Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDMiddlesexDalstonBef 1840Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDMiddlesexEdmontonBef 1870Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDMiddlesexHackneyBef 1836- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDLondonAll Bef 1836-1919Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDMiddlesexShoreditchBef 1845- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDSomersetLong SuttonBef 1972Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonKingsteigntonBef 1789- ?Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonKingskerswellBef 1811-1864Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonIlsingtonAbt 1636 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDCornwallCamborneAbt 1828 - onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDCornwallFalmouthAbt 1872 - onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDCornwallIlloganBef 1822 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDCornwallLauncestonBef 1804 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDCornwallPenrynBef 1811 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDCornwallTruroBef 1806 & 1812Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonAbbotskerswellFrom 1400s to 1600sIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonAlphingtonBef 1811 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonAshburtonBef 1724 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonAshcombeBef 1673 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonBickingtonBef 1695 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonBovey TraceyBef 1815 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonBradfordBef 1635 & onIan Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonChudleighBef 1750-1826Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonCookburyBef 1735-1820Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonExmouthBef 1846-1899Ian Butterworth  
BICKFORDDevonHighweekBef 1758-1875Ian Butterworth  
BOWIEMidlothianEdinburghBef 1790-1827Ian Butterworth  
BOWIELondonAll Bef 1817-1832Ian Butterworth  
BOWIEFifeLargoBef 1781-Ian Butterworth  
BRACKERDevonExeter1723Ian Butterworth  
BRACKERDevonPlymouth1695Ian Butterworth  
BRACKERDevonTorbryan1701Ian Butterworth  
BRAKERDevonTorbryan1701Ian Butterworth  
BRAKERDevonPlymouth1695Ian Butterworth  
BRAKERDevonExeter1723Ian Butterworth  
BRICKERDevonExeter1723Ian Butterworth  
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